[Webinar] How to Integrate Specification Management with Your Company’s Tech Stack

As supply chain complexity increases, so have data silos - as a result, many organizations are trying to understand how they should integrate technology across their organization. Current software solutions were designed to focus on singular processes, not how data flows throughout the supply chain ecosystem. That’s why companies are turning to Specification Management to fill critical gaps and break down data silos.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Specification Management can integrate with other critical systems like ERPs, Inventory Management, Accounting Systems, and more to drive visibility and better business decision making across the enterprise.

Watch the webinar to find out:
- The shortcomings of today’s supply chain tech ecosystems
- How Specification Management is creating end-to-end data visibility across functions like product, packaging, procurement, and quality
- How to (easily) integrate Specright into your tech stack – and how data should flow from system to system

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